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When you yearn to gulp a big  chocolate ice-cream, nothing else matters!

There is no disagreement about that. Okay, maybe not chocolate ice-cream for you but I’m sure you have cravings that leave you aggressively incomplete until you pacify them in some way.

To yearn means to have an intense longing for something, something that one has lost or has been separated from, for a long time.

As the world celebrates love, there are many incomplete hearts who are yearning.

If you were to pause and listen to the echo of your heart you would realize that your heart yearns…

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Loveless Valentine?

Red hearts, mouth-watering chocolates, and all things mushy paint a picturesque image of the month of love. As many prepare to celebrate love, friendship, and togetherness, there are some of us who are left loathing the season.

Statistics say that over 48% of youth feel sad and lonely around this time of the year. In fact, it is noticed that it also marks the onset of rise in suicide cases which ultimately peaks in the month of April.

Why? Can we take a moment to pause and introspect? Are we too experiencing similar pangs of abandonment? Are we too feeling unloved in the season of love? Read more